This is what I'm all about and my goal is to create the finest glass and wood fishing trophy in the world. The trophy business started when I lived in the Florida Keys and we have continued developing more complex and interesting designs each year. 

The first big step happened when we went from coral and glass bases adding exotic hardwoods with LED lighting. It didn't stop there.  We added marble and Corian® tops giving a great contrast to the rich look of the wood. The next step was a big one;  I added a 25 thousand dollar CNC machine to our workshop. This is a computer controlled router that takes the 3D modeling I do in the computer and then carves it into the wood . This gave us the capability to do intricate carvings on the trophy bases. without the time comsuming work of doing it by hand. The latest innovation has been the addition of carving 3-D figures to our wood bases.  This allows us to combine the etched glass, lighting, carving on the wood bases and a complete model of the fish. As we innovate our designs we hope that we are getting closer to our goal of the MOST UNIQUE TROPHIES in the industry.

Carved walnut base, with carved tuna, wahoo, and dolphin one top


Carved walnut base with waves carved on the top and a carved and painted
marlin attached to lighted base

Ice bucket with marlin etched one side and green turtle logo on the side

​This champagne bucket is $250

Carved walnut base with dolphin, water scene carved in top, and then a cut out etched dolphin attached to lighted base
Lighted cutout marlin on marble top
Perpetual trophy 24" wide mahogony Wood
Lighted cutout marlin on marble top
Lighted cutout marlin on marble top

This is our most popular trophy .It is a double glass base with etched glass glued to the base. The 2 sizes we offer are 12 inch height at $175 and the 16 inch size for $225. We can use our art work or in this case the club provided the art and their logo. 

This is an example of the carved wood based trophy. The base is carved from a solid piece of walnut(marlin tuna scene)

and is finished with 5 coats of precat lacquer This trophy sells for $350 

This is a cut coral base with lots of interesting texture and shells embedded in coral. The 12 inch is $175 and the 16 inch is $225. We have a serious selection of all the saltwater and freshwater fish along with

boats, sea critters,  and we can do custom art for your special needs.