We s tarted making the carved and painted glasses almost from day one and they have always been our best selling item. When we were in the gallery in Islamorada in the Florida Keys we sold 50 to 100 sets monthly, as it was the perfect item to remember the wonderful time they had while visiting the islands. 


These sets make a great gift.  Each set is packaged attractively in a gift box with a Keys nautical chart imprinted on the box background. 


Everything we do is in-house so we can do custom initialing, boat names, business logos, fishing tournament name, or special art work... give us a call for a price quote. 


The German-made Stölzle glass we use is made from 100% lead free crystal.  Stölzle glasses provide a higher clarity and brilliance than glasses containing lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of  Stölzle crystal lets you know you are receiving the very best product possible.

Pulled stem technology ensures consistency by forming the stem and bowl from one solid piece of crystal. The base is then fire-melted to the stem, ensuring exceptional balance. 


packing and shipping

The glasses are displayed  with a actual map of the keys as the background, I then carve out a 2 inch piece of styfoan so each glass has a pocket to fit in and repeat the process with another 2 inch piece of foam that is place over the 1st piece so each glass is completely surrounded by foam. The display box is then closed and place inside a shipping box with 2-3 inches of foam peanuts. This is sealed and each shipment is insured for full amount. 

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