Offshore Glass Set

The above glass set is what we call a “Red Wine set”.  Choose your glass carving from one of the following glass types:  

Creating unique, one-of-kind trophies and awards is the work that we enjoy the most. We like the challenge to create specialty trophies and awards for the corporate and tournament fishing industry.  We are constantly improving our designs with unique lighting, more natural woods and life-like images into each piece.  

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  • Old Fashioned

  • ​Red wine

  • Stemless wine

  • Others may be custom ordered

Each glass is deeply carved with a unique seascape and then airbrushed to show the vivid colors of the beauty of the fish.

We designed the walnut desk for the Miami Boat  show this year with high hopes it would sell and I could retire,  I still have the desk and it will make a great addition to my office and I guess I will have to continue working. It was a great learning project for me as I have never built anything this demanding. My good freind T. Tomlinson is a great cabinet and furniture expert and he guided me through the project and I might add a great and patient teacher . The desk is carved with a dolphin(fish) and wahoo on one panel, the other side panel is a yellowfin tuna carving, on the front side I carved a sailfish scene, a marlin scene, and in the middle is a triple billfish scene. Even using the CNC for the carving their is over 40 hours of carving time.Probably counting the trim which is all carved to resemble rope their is 70 hours of carving time.

Specialty Trophies

Artist, Bill White, owner of Island Glass Art, shares a passion for the sea, its wildlife and the scenic beauty of coral reefs and marine settings. His combined experience as a pharmacist, served in Viet Nam as a Helicopter Pilot, and Charter Fishing Boat Captain have all contributed throughout his life to developing his heartfelt and animated sea-life artwork. 

For 25 years Bill has designed and developed techniques that allow him to capture the “life of the sea” through three-dimensional movement with vivid life-like color. Each sculpture is one-of-kind piece of art and is paired with with specialty wood bases carved to create distinctive wall and table art, trophies, and furniture. To help further the uniqueness of each piece, Bill uses hard to find southern woods found in Georgia and the Carolinas and often places distinctive LED lighting situated within the piece to enhance and emphasize color, shape and movement. 

Start with beautiful grained and carved wood, add a deeply carved glass sculpture gently painted and​ enhanced to emulate a life-like quality, and then finish with distinctive lighting for unparalleled effect. The blend of careful and individual design and execution results in extraordinary, distinctive piece that speaks to one’s love of the sea -- its sense of beauty, movement, and color. 


We specialize in the art of etched (sand carved) and painted glass(airbrushed). Our first specialty is  in making trophies for fishing tournaments . Along with creating unique fishing tournament trophies we have developed a line of custom etched and painted crystal wine glasses, both stemless and red wine, and also crystal old fashioned glasses.